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what does rofl stand for

rise our father lucifer


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Desert of Song

The Radios stopped tuning
This static is forbidden
The chords quit strumming…
But we found our new home.
It will rain (falls so slow)
It will rain down here
The drums quit thumping
These tones are forbidden
The throat can’t start singing
The scarecrow is watching
It will ran (falls so slow)
It will rain down here
Here, we’re awake in the desert of song
The silence is broken
Here, we’re awake and the silence is broken
Silence is broken, silence is broken.
Sing with the fear.
fear: the control tower.
The new sun comes by the hour
Ghosts slowly disappear in the fog..
Silence the suffering
We’ve built back the age-old sound of song.
Here… we…sing…
Sing with the fear.

Ugh, this song. ❤️


"Winter now converges,
 Drenched in all its blackness…”

~Wolves in the Throne Room

Me and my homeboy Leggy at the Desolation of Smaug premiere last year. c:

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Long fingernails dug in my skin, Yourself so wet, invites me in.

Be my druidess, be my everything. Be my druidess, be mine.

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My home made bow and arrow set for Merida cosplay.

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Flight of the Nazgûl





The Behring Made Meat Cleaver. It speaks for itself.

Can we make this like.. Thirty inches longer?

Why, are you pyramid head?

Any way you want it

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Behemoth | Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

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The members of Caladan Brood are so sweet omg. I emailed them informing them that my long sleeve shirt order hadn’t arrived yet after 3 weeks and they replied to me apologizing about the shipment mishap and even offered to send me another one! (Which I replied saying I would feel bad about because it would be their money down the drain, to which they in return replied what’s in the second picture) :’)

This is why Caladan Brood is one of my favorite bands. Fucking props to these guys.

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